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Which Doors Are Right For Me?

There are a few questions that you need to answer to find the perfect doors for you. First, you must find out if you have a masonry or factory-built fireplace. Next, determine a style that will reflect your décor. Finally determine what options you would like on the door including mesh and beveled glass.

Masonry vs. Factory-built. Factory built fireplaces are easy to spot. If your outside chimney is faced with the same siding material as your house, you have a factory built fireplace. Masonry fireplaces require brick or stone chimneys. You must also check the fireplace itself. If there is any metal around the fireplace, you have a factory-built fireplace.

Factory-built fireplaces, also called “Zero Clearance” or ZC fireplaces, are designed to be built with very little clearance to combustible components of your home. They can do this because they have designed the fireplace so that cooling air insulates the hot firebox from the structure of the home. The glass doors must be designed to allow that cooling air to flow the way the firebox manufacturer designed it to flow. Gaps between the glass and frame vents exist on ZC doors to allow for this airflow. The Expressions Series from Design Specialties features doors in both aluminum and steel that allow for the proper airflow for factory built fireplaces.

Masonry fireplaces can accommodate a variety of fireplace doors. Aluminum and steel doors are available in many styles and finishes to accommodate nearly every décor and price range. From classic to contemporary, the possibilities are endless. The Hearth & Home Seriesfeatures aluminum doors for masonry fireplaces in over a dozen different styles and 21 different finishes.  The Forge Craft Series features steel doors for masonry fireplaces.  Steel allows unlimited customization including arches and laser cut designs.  Forge Craft doors are available in 30 different finishes and styles.

All Design Specialties doors have several options including:

  • – Mesh curtain or gate mesh doors
  • – Beveled glass
  • – Glass color
  • – Bifold or twin doors

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