These unique glass shapes offer larger, randomly shaped opalescent nuggets that capture and reflect the flames throughout your hearth or patio setting.

Made of high-temperature glass designed to withstand the heat of the fire, Diamond nuggets can be combined with Fyre Gems or Fyre Glass to create a one-of-a-kind contemporary fire experience.

Available in 6 wonderfully unique colors.

Diamond Nuggets

Diamond Nuggets are a unique and modern addition to any contemporary fireplace or outdoor fire feature.

The new shape in contemporary alternatives is the new Diamond Nugget. With a unique look, unlike any other, Real Fyre’s icy Clear Diamond Nuggets set the standard in contemporary chic. These crystal-like over sized nuggets radiate a clean, modern feel and with their highly polished edges they give the appearance of melting chunks of ice in a sea of flame.

  • Also compatible for use with G45 GL Burner
  • Also compatible with Pan Burner (PB Series)
  • Also compatible with G45 GL See Through Glass Burner

Diamond Nuggets can be used with any Real Fyre or Outdoor Campfyre burner system- natural or propane, vented or vent-free. Nuggets are available in a alb, a 7½lb, or a 10lb. bag, or a 40lb. bucket.